Redmarley Hill Climb

Motorcycle hill climbing started at Redmarley in the early twenties. The first track was known as the round course, and included several turns. The Birmingham Motorcycle Club later settled on a quarter mile (440 yard) straight climb, with a 1:1.25 gradient over the famous jump (known as the pimple). 

Thousands of visitors attended in its heyday as can be seen in this classic Pathe News 1935 footage and 1938 footage.

Apart from the war years the hill climb continued in the same two at a time format until 1971. Members of the AJS & Matchless owners club decided to revive the event in 2000. This involved clearing 30 years of re- growth which covered the track! Peter van Tongeren from Mill Orchards, Great Witley, was one of the landowners who helped organise the revival event and you can listen to his memories of how the event came about and of the day itself.

The site then had to be changed as the original land was no longer available. Walsgrove Hill, which stands just a mile away seemed to be the ideal alternative, with the contours being very similar. The 440 yard straight climb format is now also run four at a time. More details of the hill climb can be found at the official Redmarley Hill Climb website.

A view of the 2000 meeting from the top of the run.

Redmarley Hill Climb_2000

The winner of Redmarley Hillclimb in 1971, Mick ( Bonkey ) Bowers receives the Silver helmet from a past winner Bert Perrigo.

Redmarley Hill Climb_1971 winner Mick Bowers with Bert Perrigo (1927winner )_1971

Great Witley competitor Richard Quarterman number 64 tackles the hill on his Triumph Metise 500 at the 2000 event. Visit Richards page on our website to hear his memories of competing in the hill climb.

Redmarley Hill Climb_Richie Quarterman_2000

The following video (on YouTube) is a short documentary about the event:




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