Great Witley Filling Station

Great Witley Filling Station_1950sEstablished by Mr Arthur Moore who also started the Central Garage Great Witley in 1924 the photograph is believed to be from 1950s.

The station is selling Regent fuels with the pumps having illuminated globes identifying the various brands which would have included, Regent, Regent Regular, Regent Super and Regent Derv. The Regent Oil Company became the third largest fuel distributor in the United Kingdom. Regent was taken over by the Texas oil Company in 1967 and became Texaco. Regent delivery tankers did not have to travel far to bring in fuel supplies to Great Witley as Regent had a large road and rail distribution depot in nearby Stourport on Severn. The tanker depot still exists today as the Chadwick Bank Industrial Estate. A free standing sign advertising Castrol Motor oils can be seen adjacent to the wooden kiosk.

Many older village residents will recall that the Filling Station customers were served by Mr Stan Baldwin who lived in nearby Abberley. Stan was jovial character who had an artificial leg. The large steps from the kiosk down to the forecourt were difficult for him but he always had a smile and word for customers. Stan’s transport, a blue Invacar was a regularly seen in the village and can be seen behind the brick built kiosk in our 1972 photograph.

Great Witley Filling Station 31st July 1972
Great Witley Filling Station 31st July 1972

Local Volkswagen and Saab dealership of Arthur Moore and Sons of Central Garage Great Witley has a successful new cars sales campaign in the run up to the ‘new L’ registration on 1st August 1972. All the new vehicles were assembled at the filling station in Great Witley prior to delivery. Many models now considered ‘classics’ can be seen on a very wet day.


Great Witley Filling Station_10 Feb 2015The filling station in 2015 has been substantially enlarged since 1972.









  1. Brian Pound says

    I lived by the filling station in Stanford Road, I do remember Stan. I used to walk home from school past there, we would spend a while catching crickets in the grass behind.
    My friend Jeremy Henley worked there and I would help, we loved the Shelsley walsh Hill Climb weekends, as we could get as many green shield stamps as posssible

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