Tom Quarterman

The appreciation of Tom Quarterman – shown below – was found in an old parish magazine dated March 1995.

Quartermans coal yard and haulage business have now gone, having been replaced by Glendower Way (Witley Gate) housing development. Since 1995 many changes have taken place in the village of Great Witley, and the Quartergreen Committee are in the process of raising funds to renovate the court and surrounding area. The establishment of the Quartergreen recreational area in Great Witley was just one of many the good things Tom gave to this village….and one of his grand-daughters is following in his footsteps as a member of local organisations.


GreatWitley Bowling Club Winners. Tom Quarterman is second from left.
Great Witley Bowling Club Winners. Tom Quarterman is second from left.

The loss of Tom Quarterman feels like the end of an era, as he was so much a part of village life. He left a great impression on all who had contact with him through the many facets of his life; the packed church for his funeral at Great Witley was evidence of that.

He was born in the Tything in Worcester in 1907 and later came to Witley where his family had acquired ‘The Dairy’ and further land from the Witley Estate. He worked at one time for Arthur Moore and then set up as a coal merchant and haulier – a thriving family business to this day. In 1939 he married Molly – who has always been a steady, strong and quiet influence alongside him. He derived great pleasure from his daughter and two sons and loved having his six grandchildren around him.

His connections with local organisations and his years of service are almost legendary. He was a parish councillor for a record 48 years and a member of the Village Hall committee for well over 50 years, in fact as long as one can remember. He was a founder member of the still flourishing Great Witley Operatic Society and an honorary Life Member of the Isaac Walton Fishing Club. The Lord Ednam Air Rifle Club, the Shelsley Social Club, and the Workmen’s Social Club in Stourport all enjoyed his support, as did the Abberley and District British Legion and the now disbanded Great Witley Bowling Club. Young people held his affection and he was proud to be vice – President of Abberley & District Young Farmers Club.

One of his lasting acts of service to the village has been the donation of a of a piece of land at the rear of the village hall on which it is planned to construct an allweather play area. Fittingly, it has been called the Quartergreen project. Those of us who had the privilege of knowing him and working with him are sad at his passing, but he leaves so many memories of a kind and warm hearted person who shared fully in the life of the village and its activities, and we are grateful for his life and the service he gave.


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