Pam Martin

Martin_PamMrs Pam Martin was born in Kidderminster but then lived throughout her childhood in Great Witley with her parents who were both very much involved in the local community. When she married her husband John they lived at first in Kidderminster, but returned to buy her former family home Rectory Cottage on Stourport Road, where she has lived ever since. Pam was a Girl Guide leader for many years and played a key role in re-establishing the Great Witley Women’s Institute for which she has since been President for many years.


Pams recording:

Martin_Pam_20130313_1_4_A (39 mins 39 secs)


List of topics mentioned in the recording and approximate start time (minutes.seconds) into the recording:

Start Topic Period
0:00 Introduction
0:20 Where born
0:44 Where mum was born and lived
1:29 Accident as a child
2:54 Schooling at home
3:40 End of school and family links with the rectory
6:20 WW2 – Evacuees from London 1940’s
7:15 WW2 -RAF air mans wife staying at the Rectory 1940’s
7:44 Granny Wilson
8:53 Mums work at the Police station within the Hundred House
10:50 WW2 – Police prevent brother having a drink on leave from the army 1940’s
11:56 WW2 – brother John bomber pilot 1940’s
13:16 WW2 – brother Johns wife – ambulance driver 1940’s
13:56 WW2 – brother John joins the army 1940’s
15:28 Moving up North with brother Johns family
19:13 Moving back to Great Witley and working in the carpet factory
23:51 Life in Kidderminster
24:23 Husband John working in Pit at Highley
25:08 Meeting my husband John
29:29 Getting married, moving to Vicarage Close, Kidderminster, home for 25 years
31:50 Moving back to Vicarage Court, Great Witley
32:31 Johns work, and his protective clothing business
34:24 Local water from the springs and wells
35.34 The village now and links to Breakwell family
36:34 Living at Snuffy Row, and Dads background
39:39 Grandads work fetching coal for Witley Court

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