John & Pat Hancock

Hancock_John&Pat_Diamond Wedding Anniversary_24July2014_2John and Pat Hancock both lived previously in Hallow but moved to the Rowley Farm at Ockeridge in 1953 and 1954 respectively. Living in other property on the farm to start with, they moved to the main farm house 20 years ago. Part of it is described as Elizabethan, with additions being made in the 1700’s, and more recently. Having started in farming in the fifties they grew a mixture of crops and raised a variety of animals and poultry, later specialising in a dairy herd.

Both greatly enjoyed the way of life and still enjoy living on the farm. They have raised two sons Peter and David and recently enjoyed a big party with their family on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding.


Hancock_John&Pat_Diamond Wedding Anniversary_24July2014_3











John and Pat have another great interest – in military memorabilia from the two Great Wars.

John & Pats recording: Hancock_John&Pat_20141110_1_2_A.mp3 (38 mins 29 secs)

Start Topic Period
0.01 Living and Farming at Little Witley as they were growing up and with their family
02.40 Pat ‘s early years
05.00 Working in Worcester at Gertrude Mitchells and Kays
05.55 Gender roles
06.00 John’s early years
07.02 Wartime in Birmingham
10.26 Airforce
11.01 Farming at Rowley Farm and renovating the Farmhouse
18.30 Memories of Witley Court and people who worked there (See also Ben Hinton and Ben Cooper )
26.00 Quantity of old leather boots found in the pool
26.00 Age of the Farm and buildings



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