John & Ann Granger

John and Ann Granger have lived in Structon’s Heath on the outskirts of Great Witley for over 50 years. John grew up in Stourport-on-Severn and Ann in Cleobury Mortimer. In 1963 they moved from Far Forest to what was then a “tied” cottage in Structon’s Heath. They met working at Dingle Farm and have both been working in farming for over 50 years. They have worked with soft fruit, vegetables, poultry, sheep, cattle and horses over the years and have witnessed first hand the changes in agriculture over the decades.

Anne Granger on tractor 1957


John Granger

In time, they were able to buy their “tied” cottage from Mr Cotton and later to buy some cattle and sheep from Mr Cowill and Ann has successfully showed her stock over the years. Ann is still working and John was working full-time into his early 80s.




Ann Granger at the Royal Show 2009

John talks about the camaraderie and hardships of life in farming and Ann talks about the difficulties for working women in farming managing their jobs and their growing families.











John & Anns recording (42 mins 31 secs)

Start Topic Period
00:32 Moving to a tied cottage in Structon’s Heath 1960s
03:15 Working for Mr Cotton – poultry farming 1960s/70s
03:33 John Granger – growing up in Stourport 1950s
04:16 John Granger – working for Mr Colwill in his 80s 2014
04:34 Changes in farming 1960s – present
05:44 Working with poultry, pigs and cattle 1960s/1970s
06:57 Ann Granger – working in later life 2000s
07:21 Ann Granger – working with soft fruit at Colwill’s; taking children to work 1960s/70s
07:53 Working at Sinton Court; Mrs Bullock’s Welsh mountain ponies 1980s
08:35 Taking children to work in the summer 1960s/70s
09:13 Planting apple trees at Colwill’s 1960s
11:54 “Buried” houses in Structon’s Heath 1970s
12:59 Buying their tied cottage from Mr Colwill 1980s
14:20 Ann Granger working life – 3 jobs at one time 1970s
15:54 Transport changes over the years 1970s-present
16:32 Structon’s Heath in the winter of 1963 1960s
18:00 Social life: cards, dice etc. 1970s
18:30 Ann Granger – growing up in Cleobury Mortimer 1950s
19:03 John Granger – parents in Stourport 1940s/50s
20:30 Deliveries by grocer/greengrocer etc 1960s/70s
21:03 Bringing up children while working on the farms 1960s/70s
23:15 Ann Granger – working at Colwill’s with sheep and cattle 1970s/80s
25:10 Buying 3 cows and a calf from Mr Colwill 1980s
26:10 Leisure pursuits 1970s – present
27:00 John Granger – growing own vegetables 1970s/80s
28:12 Neighbours in Structon’s Heath 1970s – present
29:00 Christmas over the years 1970s – present
31:00 Schooling of children 1970s
31:31 Hop picking as a child 1950s
32:18 Working women on farms 1960s/70s
34:01 Changes in farming – mechanisation; contractors; foreign labour 1980s – present
36:03 Great Witley – village fete, village shop 1970s – present
37:44 John and Ann Granger – early life after school; meeting at Colwill’s 1960s/60s
39:39 Ann Granger – Working at Ballard’s Farm in Abberley 1960s
39:47 Ann Granger – contracting TB; treatments at sanatorium near Martley 1960s

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