Geoff Francis

Francis_Geoff_2015Geoff an engineer by trade now lives in Stourport and recalls fond memories of his Great Witley childhood.

Geoff’s interview recalls his years in Great Witley and of times spent at Great Witley School.

Many characters and events in the village of Great Witley are recalled by Geoff, including his driving adventures on the frozen Washing Pool during the hard winter of 1963.

Geoff has made four recordings, and you can listen to them using the filename links below. Under each filename is a breakdown of whats covered in that recording. You can also watch a short video about the Winter of 1963 in which Geoff is seen driving on the frozen Washing Pool.

Geoffs Recordings:


Start Topic Period
00.24 Where born and early memories of Great Witley
00.45 Father Farm manager, living at the Engine House, brothers and family pets at Great Witley
03.00 Local doctors and visits by school dentists at Great Witley
04.10 Family activities, village old time dancing club, trips to Worcester.
05.45 Religion and Sunday school at Great Witley
06.50 Mr Eggerton the insurance man
07.10 Confiscation of catapult by local police officer at Great Witley
07.55 Childhood play and Christmas memories at Great Witley


Start Topic         Period
00.14 Memories of Great Witley School at Great Witley
01.50 School Meals at Great Witley
04.04 Taking a bag of field mice to school and letting them out in class at Great Witley
05.10 Sports days at school at Great Witley
06.26 Failing the 11 plus exam at Great Witley


Start Topic         Period
00.10 Rag & Boneman visiting school – gold fish at Great Witley
00.42 Visits to the doctor at Great Witley
02.07 Father working in agriculture 300 acres Mr Cotton at Great Witley
02.20 Removal of large trees in Witley Park by ‘Canadian Joe’ from Abberley
03.18 Mr Cottons crops and livestock at Great Witley
04.30 Deliveries to the farm by Doug Bowen at Great Witley
05.00 Geoffs mums jobs   & Geoffs apprentiship at Great Witley & Stourport.
05.40 Old Vehicles on the farm at Great Witley
06.17 Severe winter of 1963 – driving on the frozen Washing Pool at Great Witley
08.00 Mr Cottons farm at Hillhampton at Great Witley
08.25 Geoffs new family home at 73 Structons Heath 1969 at Great Witley


Start Topic         Period
00.07 Memories of Redmarley Hillclimb



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