Derek Newton

Newton_Derek_2017Derek Newton moved to the Witleys from Shropshire at the end of the 1940s, and stayed here until the mid 1950s. His father was farm manager at Witley Court Farm and the family lived at Witley Court Worcester Lodge – one of the two lodges situated at the entrances to the Court.

Derek attended Great Witley CE School and has many happy memories of his time there.

Dereks recording:  Newton_Derek_20150411_1_2_A  (55 mins 31 secs):

Start Topic Period
0:00 Introduction 1948
0:15 Moved to Witley – Dad’s work at Barringtons – Farm worker
1:26 Witley Court
1:40 Dad – rabbit catching at Witley Court
2:30 Great Witley School – Head Mr Ford
2:45 Queen drove through Great Witley  1951?
3:15 School trip to Weston Super Mare  1950s
3:40 The Cooks – never missed a trip to theatre in Worcester
4:00 Dr Johnson
4:15 School dinners – made by Mrs Ford – Cow cabbage – school milk, coal refuelling, Miss Cornwall
5:45 Witley Court – daffodils
6:00 Dad’s car Morris 8 – Witley Court Drive
6:50 Meat delivery – Mr Thomas
7:20 Sugarbeet hoeing – 25 minutes a row – 6d(2 1/2p) per row 100yds, fruit picking at Dr Goodwins, Pool House Lodge, reminiscing of Uncle George Poyner from Cleobury Mortimer/ Hopton Court, Hopton Wafers
13:15 Gardens at Witley Court – Arum lillies
14:15 Christmas cockeral
14:40 Ben Cooper / Carol Cooper Sunningdale
16:00 Teenage years in Holt Heath – Mr Palmer, Baker
17:45 Mr Ellerie and family at Little Witley, Sunday School – stamp for attendance
18:45 Richard Colwill and family
19:45 Shooting on Sundays
22:45 Stourport Lodge. Mr Davies – Canning factory – kept an eye on Witley Court
23:30 Rabbiting
24:45 Reason for moving from Bridgnorth farm managing. Cattle feeding, mangles and sugar beet.
27:20 Red Marley Hill Climb
29:00 Hundred House
29:45 Tolleys – first combine, Klauss Combine. Scramble at Tolleys. 2000/3000 attendance. Noak Farm – scramble on Grandstand
31:50 Holidays – only day trips with school. Went with Mrs Cooper 1953/54/55
36:20 Working at Porcelain Works
44:00 Gypsies borrowed tin bath from Stourport Lodge
47:10 Fete at Warwicks in Little Witley
48:00 Colebatches farm machinery contractor. Evelyn Brazier, Glovers Garages

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