Using the Archive


The right hand menu, which is visible on almost all pages of the website provides links to all our archive material.

The archive includes audio recordings, pictures, video and written material, and has been organised into three main categories: People, Places, and Subjects and each of these categories has its own page on the website from where you can drill down to individual pages for each person, place or subjects and see the relevant archive material. Alternatively you can browse our Map of Places to select places of interest and click through to find more information.

We have also built a substantial collection of scanned material and you will find links to view our entire Map CollectionPhoto Collection, and Documents Collection.

Finally, we have added a few other links on the right hand menu so that you can see a Timeline of events in our parishes history, selected ‘Then & Now‘ photos and videos showing how things have changed, and possibly of most use to our regular visitor – a link to a page showing a list of ‘Latest Additions‘ in date added order, so you can quickly find any new material since your last visit.


Our audio recordings are published in mp3 format and filenames will include the name of the interviewee , followed by the date of recording and a version code. Recordings are only published after they have been approved by the interview.

Recordings will be made available to listen to online via this website and our online map, either in full, or via selected excerpts where appropriate.

Reproducing Information from the Archive

All recordings are copyright ©Witleys Oral History Group. The recordings on this site are for private listening only and copying, broadcasting or reproduction without permission is prohibited.  While we welcome students’ and researchers’ interest in the archive, no extracts from the recordings or their summaries may be used for commercial purposes or public performance without prior authorisation.  Should you wish to do so, please use our Contact Us page to get in touch.