Then & Now – how things have changed

This collection of photos and videos demonstrate clearly how things have changed over the years. We are very grateful to David Evans of Fox Lane Photos for taking a number of the current photographs and editing them into the videos showing the old and new pictures fading from one to the other.


The Hundred House, Great Witley

Worcester Road – Looking west from the Hundred House

Worcester Road – Mr Walls House

Great Witley School

Great Witley Filling Station

Redmarley Hillclimb


Martley Road

Martley Road_Great Witley_view from the south_ 1910 approx

Martley Road_Great Witley_view from the south_2015

This early twentieth century photograph on the left provides us with a unique view of the approach to the village of Great Witley from the Martley road that we now know as the B4197. Identifiable buildings looking left to right are the village school and the rear elevation of the half timbered property known as Robins Croft. The cluster of buildings adjacent to the Martley road include the village forge. The small cottage on the road side still stands and is known as Nailers Cottage. A neatly constructed hayrick stands just in front of the forge reminds us of a farming practice and skill now long gone. Next right is the White House and the old chapel now used as the Scout and Guide Headquarters is on the extreme right. The ridgeline of trees between these two buildings is Perhill Coppice and is still recognisable today. Our July 2015 picture on the right is taken from approximately the same position to that used by the photographer of a century or more ago and is very different, with much of the view familiar to travellers of the early twentieth century now obscured by trees.



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