Womens Institute Jubilee Book 1955

WI Book_History of Great Witley_1955_1In 1955 the Great Witley Womens Institute created a stunning ‘jubilee book’ to record the history of the parish. The book was hand crafted, runs to some 95 pages and contains many fascinating facts about the parish as well as drawings and photographs.

The local WI disbanded a while ago and the book was sent off for safekeeping to the national WI archive. However, we were able to photograph the book before it left the village and so it is now available for everyone in digital format.

The first four pages of the book are shown below. You can  go to our online storage folder to see every individual page online, and download them as required, or download a pdf of the whole book (180mb).

WI Book_History of Great Witley_1955_2 WI Book_History of Great Witley_1955_3 WI Book_History of Great Witley_1955_4 WI Book_History of Great Witley_1955_5


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