Millenium Photo of Gt Witley & Hillhampton Residents

On 18th May 2000 the residents of Great Witley & Hillhampton Parish gathered together at Witley Court for an historic photograph. Parishes all over the Great Britain found a variety of ways to mark the year 2000 and this was how our parish did so.

Whilst not every resident could manage to be there on the day, the vast majority were and it was a great way to bring the community together and remember the year for generations to come.

The Photo: click here for high resolution version (11mb)

Great Witley & Hillhampton Millenium Photo_18May2000_small

Index of Attendees: click here for high definition version (2mb)

Great Witley & Hillhampton Millenium Photo Desc_18May2000_ small



  1. Ken Pollock says

    It is only fair to say that the lead organiser of this project was my wife, Diana Pollock, and that the main reproduction of the photograph hangs in the lobby of the Village Hall, for all to examine – with the key to work out who is who!!!

    Great effort and a worthy way of recording the Millennium for the village community.

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