Upper House Farm, Little Witley

Upper House Farm no longer exists.

It is still unclear precisely where the farm was situated, but it was probably next to Bank Farm. Whilst some information indicates that it was one-in-the-same as Bank Farm, there is a period between 1840 and 1871 where both farms are listed in various documents. Before the former date only Upper House Farm is mentioned, after the latter date only Bank Farm.

In 1793 John Ockey rented the 153-acre farm for £135, double the previous rent of £74. Two thirds of the acreage was down to arable crops and hops. At that time all the buildings were new except for the house, which was the old style brick, clay and tile. Ockey was succeeded by Joseph Mills in about 1801, who was in turn succeeded by his son Joseph Jun. prior to 1820. At this latter date Joseph Sen. was keeper living in Little Witley.

By 1839 when Joseph Boughton was in occupation, the farm had reduced to 103 acres, but the proportion of arable to pasture was similar to forty years earlier. Boughton stayed until 1854, when the farm passed to William Bolton from Inkberrow. He farmed 190 acres and employed three men and one boy. There are few further mentions of the farm until the electoral register of 1866-7. The last known record is a mention in the census of 1871. On these occasions David Roxburgh of Ayrshire, Scotland, was the tenant. He also employed three men and one boy. Roxburgh also had Bank Farm from at least 1868 to 1873.


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