Snuffy Row

Snuffy Row_2014        Snuffy Row_2_2014

There are two stories as to why these four houses at Structons Heath are known as Snuffy Row. The first is that all four occupants took snuff, and the other story is that one of the occupants used to  sell snuff.





  1. Walter says

    News from Walter, over here in Canada. Snuffy Row. No 69 where I grew up was once a local general store, I would say some time in the 1940s, we moved there in 1953 and owned it until around 2009. In the main beam in the living room, I have placed a coin in a crack ” just to carry on good luck”

    • Michelle says

      Hi Walter
      I currently live in 69 Structons Heath, I’ve just read your post and think its amazing
      Any other news you have of the house ..who lived here before?
      Would be fantastic to know

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