Redmarley Manors

The area known as Redmarley in Great Witley once consisted of the following manors:

The manor of REDMARLRY OLIVER (Redmerlege, xi cent.; Rudmarleg Olifar, Rudmarle Oleferd,Little Rudmarel, xii cent.; Rudmereleg, xiii cent.;Rydmerley Oliver, xvi cent.) is probably to beidentified with the 1½ hides in Redmarley held in1086 by Ralph de Toeni, and previously held as twomanors by Wulfmar and Ulfcytel. (fn. 38)  The overlordship of this estate followed that of Elmley Lovett tothe Beauchamps, (fn. 39)  Redmarley Oliver being held ofthe honour of Elmley Castle as late as 1698. (fn. 40)

In 1086 Ralph the knight was tenant under Ralphde Toeni. (fn. 41)  He may have been the ancestor ofRobert Oliver (Olifard), who was holding in the timeof Henry II. (fn. 42)  Robert’s eldest son Robert dyingwithout issue was succeeded by his brother Walter,whose three sons Hugh, Robert (fn. 43)  and Walter alldied without issue, when the property came to hisyoungest son, John de Redmarley Oliver, who in1274–5 sued John Marshal for land in Redmarley Oliver. (fn. 44)  John Oliver (Olistard) headed contributors to the subsidy about 1280 in Redmarley Oliver. (fn. 45) About 1316 Redmarley Oliver is returned as belonging to the heir of Richard Oliver, (fn. 46)  and ParnelOliver paid a subsidy there in 1327 (fn. 47) ; but it seemspossible that the manor of Redmarley was that landin Redmarley bought by Walter de Shakenhurst about1304 on behalf of Thomas Folliott. (fn. 48)  The purchase displeasing Thomas, Walter agreed to give him otherland in exchange, (fn. 49)  and Redmarley then probablypassed to Shakenhurst, who was holding land in Redmarley in 1345. (fn. 50)  It evidently followed the descent of Shakenhurst until 1619, (fn. 51)  when Thomas Meyseyand Susannah his wife and Matthias Meysey grantedit to Walleston Betham and Robert Gower. (fn. 52)  Itsfurther descent has not been traced, but it wasapparently finally acquired by the Foleys. (fn. 53)

A manor of REDMARLEY OLIVER (NetherRidmerley), whose origin is not known, was held in1570 with Shrawley by William Gower. (fn. 54)  WilliamGower in 1573 settled his estates on his fourdaughters, the manor of Redmarley Oliver beingassigned to Margaret wife of John Russell of GreatWitley. (fn. 55)  William Gower died at Redmarley Oliveron 22 April 1595, and John Russell was holding themanor with Thomas Russell in 1602. (fn. 56)  In 1615–16it was conveyed by Thomas Russell and Catherinehis wife to Thomas Cooke, (fn. 57)  of whom Habingtonwrote, ‘and now last the greatest man of estate inthis place (Redmarley) was Mr. Thomas Cooke.’ (fn. 58) It seems finally to have been held with Witley bythe Foleys. (fn. 59)

The manor of REDMARLEY ADAM (Rudmerley, Rydmarleye Adam, xiv cent.; Ridmerley Adam,Upper Rydmerley, xvii cent.) is probably to be identified with the 1½ hides at Redmarley held in1086 by Gilbert Fitz Turold as successor to Saward. (fn. 60) This estate was held in the 13th century of the earldom of Gloucester. (fn. 61)  It was held under the earlby William Delamare, of William Delamare byWilliam Beauchamp, of William Beauchamp by JohnFitz Geoffrey, and of John Fitz Geoffrey by Adam de Redmarley. (fn. 62)  Nothing more is known of the overlordship of the Earls of Gloucester and of the Delamares. The mesne lordship of John Fitz Geoffrey became merged in that of the Beauchamps in 1299 on the death of Richard son of John Fitz Geoffrey, when thefee at Redmarley was given to his sister and co-heirMaud, widow of William Beauchamp Earl ofWarwick. (fn. 63)  From that time Redmarley Adam washeld of the honour of Elmley Castle, the overlordship being mentioned for the last time in 1520. (fn. 64) In 1542 it was said to be held of Walter Walshe asof his manor of Abberley. (fn. 65)

The manor was held under Gilbert Fitz Turoldin 1086 by a certain Ralph. (fn. 66)  About the middleof the 13th century Adam de Redmarley held it, (fn. 67) but had been succeeded before 1276 by John deRedmarley. (fn. 68)  John was still holding half a fee inRedmarley in 1299, (fn. 69)  and it was probably he whoas John de Redmarley Adam settled the manor ofRedmarley Adam in 1305–6 on himself with remainder to his daughter Constance, wife of Williamson of Hugh Fitz Aer. (fn. 70)  In 1316 John de Redmarley was still holding the manor, (fn. 71)  which in 1339 was granted by Henry Fitz Aer to William Fitz Aer and Margery his wife. (fn. 72)  The family of Fitz Aer continued to hold the manor until the 16th century, WalterFitz Aer being the owner in 1431, (fn. 73)  and Roger FitzAer (Fysurs) dying seised of Redmarley in 1520.He was succeeded by his son John, (fn. 74)  who conveyed itin 1528 to Thomas, Walter and Anthony Walshe. (fn. 75) Thomas Walshe of Stockton died seised of it on 8 May1542. (fn. 76)  The manor descended with Stockton to the co-heirs of Thomas Walshe of London, and was soldby them between 1616 and 1625 to members of the James family. (fn. 77)  Henry James was holding the whole manor in 1656, (fn. 78)  and in 1676 conveyed it to Thomas Foley, (fn. 79)  since which date it has been held with Great Witley Manor. (fn. 80)

A quarter of the manor of REDMARLEY ADAM,said in 1594 to be held of Thomas Cornwall as of hismanor of Burford, (fn. 81)  was settled in 1335–6 on RichardBrace and Margery his wife, with half the manor ofDoverdale (fn. 82)  (q.v.). The origin of this manor isunknown, as the whole of the manor of RedmarleyAdam belonging to John de Redmarley seems to havepassed to the Fitz Aer family. This quarter of themanor followed the descent of the Braces’ moiety ofDoverdale (fn. 83)  until 1570, when Francis Brace sold it toSir Thomas Russell. (fn. 84)  It followed the descent ofStrensham and Great Witley Manors until 1594, (fn. 85) and probably passed with Great Witley to the Foleys.

The above is an extract from: ‘Parishes: Great Witley’, A History of the County of Worcester:


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