Great Witley CE School

The first school was founded in 1844 by Queen Adelaide and by 1849 there were 70 pupils and two teachers.  The old school building, shown below, was used for around 45 years until 1895:

School_3_Great Witley_old building

In September 1895 the school moved to its present site. This larger building was donated by the second Earl of Dudley.

This picture shows the new (current) school circa 1900:

School_2_Great Witley_new building_ 1900

and here is another picture just a few years later, circa 1905 – 1910:

School_4_Great Witley_new building, circa 1910

In 1906 the school became Great Witley Church of England  School. There were now over a hundred pupils, with a head teacher, two assistants and two pupil teachers.

This picture shows the pupils and teachers in 1911:

School_1_Great Witley_1911

In 1946 Little Witley School was closed and pupils transferred to Great Witley and in 1948 the school became a junior school. A new infant classroom was added in 1955.

School_Great Witley_1960_Staff and Pupils named
School_Great Witley_1960_Staff and Pupils

David Williams, an ex pupil, has recorded his memories of the school in the 1960’s. He can be seen in this photo of the pupils & teachers in the summer of 1960. David is sitting at the far left of the front row, but he doesn’t seem to be enjoying the experience! The teachers are: on the left Mrs Evans (middle class), centre Mr Wyton (headmaster) and on the right Mrs Barbaee (junior class).


In 1976 three further classrooms were added. Then, with the closure of Shelsley and Shrawley schools in 1977, Great Witley School increased to 136 on roll  with a head and five teachers. In May 1985 the school had 122 children, a head and four teachers.

This photo was taken in 1975, but it is no longer possible to see this view of the school as the Village Hall now stands in the place from where the photograph was taken.

Great Witley School 1975

The school continues to prosper, and current info can be found at the school website.



  1. Walter Cartwright says

    More info from Walter
    Back in the mid 1960s I was employed by Mr Charles Morris, from Little Witley, we did much work in and around the area restoring and repairing old buildings. It was Mr Morris and I, me being about 17 yrs old then, were asked by the late Mr Wyton, head master to repair the failing belfry, after many days of carefull dismantling we got the thing of the school roof, I remember it being In a pretty poor state, we spent quite some time cutting out old wood and replacing it with new wood,it is still I believe up on the school to this day.
    Bit of extra news in 1961 I was awarded the Dudley prize by Mr Wyton, a bible that still has pride of place in our home to this day, my wife and I live in Canada Ontario these days , however often think of Great witley and surrounding areas.

  2. Nigel says

    My Great Uncle, Rev. FW Moore was presented with a letter opener, inscribed ‘ Presented to . . . by the Scholars of Little Witley School, as a slight token of affectionate regard, October 1909’

  3. Martn goodman says

    I’m Martin Goodman. I was a pupil at Great Witley school in the mid sixties and was involved in a Smartìe advert which ran for about a year. It was filmed at Shelsley Beauchamp. I would love to hear from anyone who can remember or was involved at the time. Thanks. Martin.

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