Bowens Field

Bowens Field was envisaged in 2008 & developed in 2010 as a recreational area for the village residents. It was named in remembrance of Doug Bowen, long time resident of Great Witley, chairman of the parish council, and mainstay of the local community.  Listen to Geoff Goodman talking about how Bowens Field came into being.

The field is accessed via two entrances, one from the Stourport Road, and the other from the Quartergreen area at the rear of the Village Hall. A footpath connects the two entrances.

The field consists of an open grassland area, a small woodland pool, and a wild meadow area.

On 14th June 2014, the field was the venue for the Great Witley Country Fayre, one of the larger events in the village over the last 20 years.  The following two pictures were taken at the event.

Great Witley Country Fair_Bowens Field_June 2014_1

Great Witley Country Fair_Bowens Field_June 2014_2


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