These are some of the places in the Witleys that deserve special attention in our archive.  Let us know if you can provide any information on these places, or any others that you think should be added to the list.

Abberley Hill

Abberley Clock Tower (Merritts Hill)

The Old Bakery (Great Witley, behind Toll House)

Bank Farm (Little Witley)

Bowens Field (Great Witley)

Butts Farm (Little Witley)

Central Garage (Great Witley)

Chapel Farm (Little Witley)

Combe Cottage (Great Witley)

Dingle Farm (Little Witley)

Eastgrove Cottage (Sankyns Green)

Engine House (Great Witley)

Estate Worker Cottages, (Nos 37-40 Worcester Rd, Great Witley)

The Glebe (Great Witley)

Great Witley Chapel

Great Witley CE Primary School

Great Witley Filling Station

Great Witley Post Office

Great Witley Village Hall

Hillhampton House (Hillhampton)

Hill House Farm (Great Witley)

Home Farm (Great Witley)

Homes for Heroes (nos 1-8 Stourport Rd, Great Witley)

The Hundred House (Great Witley)

Little Witley Church

Little Witley Farm – now White House Farm (Little Witley)

Mill Orchards (Great Witley)

The Quartergreen (Great Witley)

Redmarley (Great Witley)

Redmarley Orchards (Great Witley)

The Rock (Structons Heath)

Snuffy Row (Structons Heath)

Thomas Farm – now Woodbury Farm (Little Witley)

The Old Toll House (Great Witley)

Upper House Farm (Little Witley)

Walsgrove Farm (Great Witley)

Walsgrove Lane (Great Witley)

Well Farm (Little Witley)

White House Farm (Little Witley)

Witley Court

Woodbury Farm – previously Thomas Farm (Little Witley)

Woodbury Hill