Tony Quarterman

Quarterman_Tony_Jan 2017Tony Quarterman has spent all his life in Great Witley. Initially Tony attended Great Witley School, then Tan Lane School in Stourport on Severn before starting work in the family road haulage business.

Tony tells us of the many changes his family business has gone through over the years.

Tony was a regular competitor at the Red Marley Hillclimb during the 1950s and 1960s. Tony has also been part of the group which revived the Red Marley Hillclimb in the millennium year.

A keen angler, Tony shares with us his knowledge of the local fishing pools in Great Witley.

Tonys recording: Quarterman_Tony_20170104_1_2_A (52 mins 18 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.20 Earliest memory search lights over Birmingham 1940s
00.55 Milking at the Dairy 1940s
01.28 Parents moving to Great Witley 1930s
02.25 Dads lorry fleet, coal merchants, lorry driving various makes of lorry, driven over the years 1950s -1990s
03.40 Dad buys 329 acres of the Witley Court Estate 1950s
04.34 Grandfather living at the Engine House 1940s
05.00 Arthur Mores coaches 1940s
05.27 School days at Great Witley and later Tan Lane school in Stourport 1950s
07.00 Mr Pyatts shop and grocery deliveries 1950s
07.20 Great Witley Working Mens Cub at the Village Institute (Village hall) 1950s
08.00 Competing at Red Marley Hill climb in 1959 with a BBSA Gold Star 1959
0930 Class win at the 1962 Redmarley Hillclimb 1962
11.27 Resurrecting Red Marley Hillclimb in the Millennium Year 2000
13.00 The big names that used to compete at Red Marley 1950s/60s
13.34 One off motorcycle scramble held at Deerbarn Farm 1953/54
14.30 Witley villagers shocked at just how successful the 2000 Red Marley event was 2000
16.01 The “new” Redmarley Hillclimb at Walsgrove Farm 2001 to date
18.50 Fishing at the various pools in Great Witley and large perch at the Engine House/cascades 1950s
20.30 Villagers swimming in the Washing Pool. Uncle ack Hubbard losing a gold watch at the Washing Pool slab 1950s
23.05 Fresh Water muscles in the Washing Pool. The Washing Pool is almost drained in 1976 1976
24.00 Playing and Magpie shooting at Witley Court (Dudley Zoo using the magpies for animal food) 1950s
25.00 The canning factory at Witley Court 1950s
25.30 Rabbits and big timber in Witley Court Park in Dads day 1950s
26.40 Mr Cotton takes over farming Dads ground in Witley Court 1950s
27.30 Unexploded munitions in Witley Park following its use as a range during Second World War 1950s
28.40 Transport Cafe at the Hilaries and Mr Holland Bowers observatory made from an aeroplane nose cone 1950s/60s
30.10 Planting of the trees on Woodbury Hill and the bluebells 1950s/60s
32.10 The Transport Business. Road Haulage, coal, animal feeds, tipper work and then steel haulage for John Tainton 1950s/2000
41.41 Village Social life, shooting, fishing dances etc 1950s/60s
44.50 Building the bungalow 9/80s
48.53 Tony and Roger Evans rabbit catching at Walsgrove Farm and being questioned by the Police who suspected poaching 1950s

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