Terence (Terry) How


Terry was born at No 8 Stourport Road. He and his family have a long association with Great Witley School.

Terry was employed in agriculture for many years working at Redmarley Orchards and then Hill House Farm, both at Great Witley.

Terry was a member of the Great Witley Bowling Club, and for many years Terry and his father cleared the Redmarley Hill Climb for the annual Easter Monday Meeting.

Terrys interview includes his recollections of school days and of post war childhood in Great Witley together with memories of living and working in Great Witley

Terry’s recording:

How_Terence_20140821_1_2_A (35 mins 40 secs)

List of topics mentioned in the recording and approximate start time (minutes.seconds) into the recording:

Start Topic Period
00.13 Born 8 Stourport Road 1946
00.57 Redmarley Hill Climb memories including clearing the track 1950/71
04.00 Childhood school memories at Great Witley 1950s
04.25 Involved in road accident at Great Witley 1950s
O5.25 School teachers at Great Witley 1950s
06.10 Family connections with school at Great Witley 1950s
06.50 School cleaner at Great Witley 1900/50s
07.10 Ginger Smallman at Great Witley 1950s
07.50 Winters at school G at Great Witley 1950s
08.20 School flag pole and playing field at Great Witley 1950s
09.09 How & Millward family connections with school at Great Witley 1950s
09.35 Mr Moores coaches and annual school trips at Great Witley 1950s
11.35 Annual school sport day at Great Witley 1950s
13.18 Hundred House sale yard & cattle auctions at Great Witley 1950s
14.14 Bowling Club at Great Witley 1950/60/70s
15.12 Mr Austin Hundred house owner at Great Witley 1950s
17.50 Shire horses at Redmarley 1940s/50s
18,10 Trips to Aston Villa 1950s
19.20 Bowling Club at Great Witley 1950/60
20.00 Frank Tyler & Arthur Tyler at Great Witley 1950/60
21.20 Frank Tyler & Fred Morris at Great Witley 1950s/60s
23.30 TH Working life in at Great Witley 1950/60
24.30 Severe winter of 1963 at Great Witley 1960s
25.50 Working life at Redmarley Orchards & Hill House Farm at Great Witley 1960s
33.45 The Fire at Major Talbots house Redmarley Orchards at Great Witley 1960s



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