Suzanne Owen

Suzanne Owen
Suzanne Owen

Suzanne Owen, daughter in law of Arty Owen, wife of Andrew Owen and mother of Philip and Sally-Anne. Suzanne was much involved with the playgroup in Great Witley at its conception, long time school governor for Great Witley Primary School and currently president of the Little Witley WI. Suzanne still helps on Chapel Farm, Little Witley now run by her son, Philip.


Suzannes recording (40 mins 47 secs):

Start Topic Period
0:00 Introduction  
0:20 Birthplace, growing up and coming to Little Witley, marriage, Rose Cottage, Brookside, Chapel Farm, family farming to 1976 1960s on
6:00 Farming changes, Woodbury Growers, asparagus, strawberries, raspberries and cherries  
14:00 European labour  
18:30 Early family life, playschool  
20:30 WI  
24:30 Raising children, Church, Villagehall  
27:15 Local farms  
32:45 Other memories, Brookside, Andrew riding  

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