Simon Wall – Lord of Great Witley

Simon Mason Wall - Lord of Great Witley
Simon Mason Wall – Lord of Great Witley

A recent Lord of Great Witley was Simon Mason Wall. Although he did not live in the parish he had a close family connection. Judith Henshaw, a local resident has provided this information:

‘I first met Simon Wall aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 when he mentioned that he had bought the Lordship of the Manor of Great Witley, and he was very surprised when I told him that I lived in the village. On returning, I mentioned told Christine Drew and we decided to send him a copy of the Parish Magazine which I post monthly.

Simon’s much loved grandfather, John Mason Wall lived at the White House, now Cherry Cottage on Martley Hillside. His doctor was Dr. Walter Johnson. When a child, Simon had spent many happy days there, walking, picnicking, playing in the brook and eating cherries. Simon wished to honour his grandfathers memory so he paid for and had the Parish Church bells recast and hung, They were re-dedicated in July 2007.’

Wall_Simon Mason_Lord of Great Witley_2007_2Since that time Simon worked for the Parish Church restoration Fund, he raised many thousands of pounds, and his sister bequeathed the money to clean the Rysbrach Memorial. He contacted Judy Goodman on reading of her recent illness and invited us to lunch in 2015 to meet her. Simon passed away on 29th October 2016.

The images below show Simons grandfather John Mason Wall at Cherry Cottage on Martley Hillside in the 1940s.


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