Shirley Griffin

Shirley Griffin in 2016
Shirley Griffin in 2016

Shirley was born during World War Two at Woodbury Hill Farm and grew up in Great Witley, moved away for a while then moved back again!. She has many connections in the farming and local community and her recording covers many aspects of growing up and living in a rural community.



Filename: Griffin_Shirley_20160227_1_2_A

Start Topic Period
0:00 Introduction
0:20 Early days and how she got to Great Witley
5.30 Children and Great WitleySchool and National Spina Bifida Association 1950’s and on
7.15 Playgroup for Spina Bifida at Abberley Village Hall
10.00 Family Life
10.55 History of house
11.20 Brian’s work, living on the Hill, ashes on the Hill
14.10 Fundraising for Spina Bifida
15.30 Village life, Community transport
17.30 Community transport and local jobs
20.00 Hundred House Hotel as center of community
20.30 Market next to the Hundred House hotel
20.50 Local police & magistrates
21.20 Bonfire nights and tradition of kids ‘unhanging gates’ in the village
22.10 Hundred House meadow
23.20 Local deliveries of bread, milk and groceries
24.50 Dads role in the Home Guard
25.30 Prisoners of War (POWs)
26.10 Mum & Dads roots and family gatherings
28.10 Moving away from the village & back again
28.45 Villagers selling up and moving out
30.20 Local gypsies down Witley Court drive
30.45 Fruit picking work as a child
32.00 Fishing & swimming in the Washing Pool and River Severn
33.40 Group holidays to Pendine Sands in the old coal lorry
35.50 Moores coach trips
36.30 Local fetes and events at Witley Church


  1. John Fortey says

    The boy with the bike who rode of the slab into the Washing pool was John Taylor, mentioned here, on Richard Quartermans bike, which had no brakes. The boy who rescued it was Tony Owen, Shirly’s brother. I was there. (John Fortey)

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