Roy & Mary Cox

Roy Cox at Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday celebration in Great Witley Village Hall.
Roy Cox at Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday celebration in Great Witley Village Hall.

Roy and Mary (nee Ricketts) Cox.

Roy moved to Great Witley in 1955, whilst Mary lived at No 1 Stourport Road and attended Great Witley School.

Roy worked in Witley Park for Mr Tommy Ward who farmed some of the Witley Park land before the Pain family. At that time the farm was primarily market gardening. Mary also worked locally, at the Hundred House.

Roy and Mary’s interview includes school day and childhood memories and  references to events and characters of Great Witley.


Roy & Marys recording: Cox_Roy&Mary_20140818_1_2_A (39 mins 14 secs)

List of topics mentioned in the recording and approximate start time (minutes.seconds) into the recording:

Start Topic Period
00.13 Roy Moving to The Glebe GW 1950s
01.03 Roys working life for Mr Ward Witley Park at Great Witley 1950/60s
03.45 Fire at farm buildings the day Roy left Mr Wards at Great Witley 1960s
05.00 Local ladies working at Hundred House Hotel helping with functions/dinners etc at Great Witley 1950/60s
05.15 Roys appearance at Hundred House magistrates court for no lights at Great Witley 1950s or 60s
06.40 Roys brush with the local law over tractor driving licence at Great Witley 1950s
08.10 Marys recollections of working for Mr Austin   – cart horses at Redmarley 1950s
10.00 Mary – Mr Austin owner of Hundred House at Great Witley 1950s
10.24 Cafe located opposite Hundred House at Great Witley 1950s
11.00 Mary big walnut tree opposite Hundred House at Great Witley 1950s
12.00 Brian Norton barbers shop opposite Hundred House at Great Witley 1950s
12.26 Marys dad Harold Ricketts local carpenter 1940/50/60s
12.50 Harolds tale about steam threshing 1030s?
13.55 Marys parents moving from Snuffy Row to No 1 Stourport Rd at Great Witley ?
14.50 Tenants of council houses in Stourport Road at Great Witley 1950s?
16.15 Mary memories of Jack Field Stourport Rd – pig killer 1950s
19.05 Mr Skeet shoe repairs Stourport Rd at Great Witley ?
19.56 Micky Munn – Acrobat visitor or relative to Mrs Ellery Walking to Hundred House on his hands 1950s
21.00 Visit to GW by small travelling circus 1950s
23.04 Abberley Hall school playing field opposite the Post Office at Great Witley 1950s
23.20 Stan Baldwin GW Filling Station. 1950/60s
23.55 Marys childhood memories of school at Great Witley 1940/50s
27.30 Redmarley Hillclimb memories 1950/60s
29.28 Roy exploring tunnels at Witley Court 1950s
31.00 Memories of Church Fetes held at the Old Rectory. Rev Argyll telling ghost stories after confirmation classes GW 1940/50s
32.20 Roy & Gilbert Tyler winning fancy dress competition at Fete at Great Witley 1950s
33.20 Mary –lake at Old Rectory – water cress and old punt at Great Witley 1950s
34.20 Marys Dads Motorbike & side car at Great Witley 1950s
34.40 Roy –canning factory at WitleyCourt stable yard at Great Witley 1950/60s?
35.45 Roy –Mr Cotton farming at Great Witley 1950s
36.00 Roy Threshing with Les Colebatch at Great Witley 1950s
36.45 Roys old fire engine story 1950s
38.20 Roys days as a choir boy at the parish church at Great Witley 1950s

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