Richard Quarterman

Richard Quarterman competing at Redmarley Hill Climb
Richard Quarterman competing at Redmarley Hill Climb

Richard Quarterman was born in Stourport and has spent almost all his life living in Great Witley. He attended Great Witley School before moving to Stourport School.

Richard’s interview provides an insight to his varied working life in the road transport industry with his families firm Quartermans Transport. Quartermans specialised in agricultural, general and in more recent times steel haulage.

A long time member of both Great Witley Working Mens Club and the Bowling Club, Richard recalls the social importance of the clubs to Great Witley of fifty years or so ago.

A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast Richard has been a regular competitor at Redmarley Hill Climb since 1959.

Richard’s description of riding at the original Redmarley Hill Climb gives us a unique competitor’s insight as to ‘how it was done’ and to the impact the annual event had and still has on the village.

Richards recording: Quarterman_Richard_20141025_1_2_A (20 mins 12 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.15 Born Stourport early memories of living in GW 1940s
00.35 Memories of GW School 1940/50s
01.38 Memories of Redmarley Hillclimb 1960s
02.07 Riding up Redmarley. Describing the ride up the original track at Redmarley 1960s
03.50 Well known rides who competed at Redmarley 1960s
06.10 Coaches bringing spectators to Redmarley 1950s
07.17 Working in the family haulage business 1960s
08.29 Quartermans transport 1960s
08.58 General haulage from Avonmouth Docks 1960/70s
09.26 Diversification into steel haulage 1980s
10.19 Hauling bagged animal feed. 1960s
10.40 Being agents for the United Sack Company and distributing to local farms 1960/70s
11.27 Quartermans as Coal merchants 1960-2005
12.45 Retiring from road haulage 2001
13.08 Memories of Great Witley Working Mens Club and Lord Ednam air rifle league 1950/60s
16.20 Bowling Club at the Hundred House 1950/60s
17.27 Meeting his future wife Jackie
18.50 The last Redmarley on the original hill in 1972. Bert Perigo and Mick Bowers 1972

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