Pat Pain

Pain_Pat_30Nov2016Pat Pain was born and grew up on Woodbury Hill and his family have farmed in and around Great Witley since the early 1900’s. The family farm was originally part of Witley Court estate.


Pats three recordings:

Witley Court: Pain_Pat_20130313_3_2_A.mp3 (4 mins 10 secs)


The Local Blacksmith in 1948: Pain_Pat_20130313_2_2_A.mp3 (1 min 28 secs)


My life & times: Pain_Pat_20130313_1_2_A.mp3 (30 mins 5 secs)

A list of topics mentioned in the ‘My Life & Times’ recording is shown below with approximate start time (minutes.seconds) into the recording:

Start Topic Period
0.00 Introduction
0.30 Earliest memory walking to school
0.50 Where born
1.30 Home on Woodbury Hill
2.20 School at Great Witley
4.10 WW2 – Smashing up old metal water pipes at Witley Court for the war effort 1940’s
5.01 Dad gets job working the ground at Witley Court Park
5.45 WW2 – Evacuees from London 1940’s
6.00 Freedom to roam as a child
7.00 Holidays
9.15 Local entertainment
10.30 Church
11.00 Messing around as a child
11.35 Local dances
12.00 Meeting wife
13.16 Kidderminster school
15.10 Starting work on the farm
16.15 All about the farm
19.20 Farming changes over the years
25.36 Entertainment as a child, local air gun league, football, and the Hundred House
28.00 The Hundred house and local animal sales
30.00 Doctors



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