Malcolm & Carol Skinner

Malcolm & Carol Skinner
Malcolm & Carol Skinner

Malcolm and Carol Skinner moved to Eastgrove Cottage in Sankyns Green from Birmingham in 1975. The cottage is a half-timbered “yeoman farmhouse” dating back to the 17th century and has a 3 acre garden. Malcolm and Carol set about making the quintessential English cottage garden – one that Patrick Taylor in his book “The Gardens of Britain and Ireland” described as “the definitive and irresistible cottage garden”. He went on to say that “If you do not know what a cottage garden should look like, this is a good place to learn… is flawlessly kept and full of lively planting and cunning design,”

You can read the full story about the evolution of the cottage on our page about Eastgrove Cottage.

In the recording below Malcolm & Carol talk about finding a hidden came of old shoes in the cottage which was put there to ward off evil spirits.

Malcolm & Carols recording: Skinner_Malcolm&Carol_20150917_1_2_A.mp3



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