Judith Henshaw

Henshaw_Judy_2015Judy Henshaw arrived in Great Witley as a young girl when her parents bought the village post office.

She has lived or visited here all her life and has a wealth of knowledge about the village and surrounding area.




Judys recordings:

Buying Great Witley Post Office: Henshaw_Judy_20140214_1_2_A (3 mins 46 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.23 Buying the Great Witley Post office from Mr Pratley 1943
01.00 Dads Jowett 8 Car
01.30 Moving the family furniture to Great Witley
02.00 The families first night in Great Witley and the help received from Mr & Mrs Arthur Moore
03.00 Assistance from Dr Walter Johnson and Dr Goodwin


Great Witley Telephone Exchange: Henshaw_Judy_20140307_1_3_A (9 mins 4 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.28 The early days of the post Office and telephone exchange in Great Witley  
00.10 The village telegraph office 1910
01.21 The fist telephone is installed at the Post Office (Great Witley Number 1) 1912
01.50 A telephone exchange is installed at the post office  
02.30 Mr Pratleys displeasure at telephone calls after 10pm  
03.00 Telephonists  
03.20 Judy starts to help out with operating the exchange 1940s
0320 Operating the manual telephone exchange  
04.49 Listening in to calls and working out the bill.  
05.20 The battery store at the back of the Post Office and the local Linesman Mr Maggs  
06.15 Building the current exchange building in part of the Post Office pony paddock  
07.10 The telephone box at the Hundred house and connecting callers from the call box  
08.11 Contacting the Emergency Services via the manual exchange.  


Childhood Memories in Great Witley: Henshaw_Judy_20140307_2_3_A (15 mins 54 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.43 Judys best friend Helen Pyatt 1940s/50s
01.12 Easthope Farm, Mr & Mrs Randle  
01.52 Sheepdog cats and fleas at Easthope Farm  
02.06 Hessian bags not waterproofs on the farm  
02.17 Judys exploration of Abberley Hill and the haunted house the alleged scene of a murder long ago  
03.00 Girl Guiding under the leadership of Mrs Brinton who always gave good advice  
03.51 School days at Great Witley and later at Stourport  
04.05 Making friends with Pauline Goodwin from Abberley  
04.24 Saturday jobs at Nurtons Farm Abberley  
04.50 Exploring at Home Farm Great Witley  
05.45 The local rabbit population.  
06.48 Tree planting on Woodbury Hill.  
0920 Cumb House Worcester Road Built for Judys parents retirement  
09.40 Damson trees dye makers and damson picking  
10.49 Great Witley Bee Keepers Group formed by Judys father Robert (Bob) Fortey  
13.00 Judys Mothers allergy to bee stings  
14.39 Woodbury Hill Cottage and Mr Hearts sighting of Roman soldier  


Local Post People: Henshaw_Judy_20140307_3_2_A (3 mins 43 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.04 Great Witley Post Office Employees 1940s & 1950s
00.44 Mrs Pounds Postal round Camp Lane and Woodbury Hill Farm  
01.48 The Post Round Tester  
02.00 Mrs Price and the Abberley round  
02.38 Mr Len Glazard the Great Witley Postman  


History of Great Witley 1900 to 1945: Henshaw_Judy_20140527_1_3_A (28 mins 43 secs).

Judy narrated this history of the village which she compiled from her own archives as well as other research sources.

Start Topic Period
00.05 The Earl of Dudley  
00.30 Selection of Rectors for Great Witley Parish by the Earl of Dudley  
00.55 The Rev Canon Wilson and Christopher Wilson recollections of children’s parties at Witley Court hosted by Lady Dudley  
02.00 Great Witley Scout Troop  
02.48 Building the original school in Great Witley  
03.35 The opening of the current school  
03.48 Cottage Gardening classes at Great Witley School  
04.10 Farmers and Gardeners in Great Witley  
04.50 Mr Proudmans sheep  
05.00 Great Witley School Headmaster Mr Henry William Wall 1901 to 1932
05.55 Hooping cough outbreak closes the school 1901
06.00 Gardening lessons at Witley Court Gardens  
07.05 Witley Court and village musical concerts  
07.15 The Lord Edman Shooting League starts at the Hundred House  
07.40 Lady Dudleys interest in the Village and the Church  
08.00 Pioneer Aviator Gustav Hamel visits Witley Court 1914
08.50 Blackberry picking campaign  
09.16 World War One Roll of Honour board installed in Great Witley School  
09.30 Witley Court Sales 1920
0950 Sir Herbert Smith buys Witley Court 1920
10.05 Judys parents meet Sir Herbert Smith  
10.37 Owens Bus Services 1878
11.20 The first cars in Great Witley  
11.30 The Toll House in Great Witley  
12.06 The Hundred House Hotel 1790
12.30 The Hundred House livestock sales and stabling  
12.59 The Hundred House Magistrates Court 1841
13.20 Six monthly tenants Rent Day at the Hundred House  
13.52 Great Witley flower show and annual agricultural competitions  
14.22 The Odd Fellows Society Meetings  
14.35 Mr Billy Austen buys the Hundred House  
15.00 Ginger Smallman the last person to live at The Pleck on Abberley Hill  
15.18 The Thrift Club run by Mr Field  
13.37 The County Council Weigh Bridge at the Hundred House  
16.10 The early days of the Post Office in Great Witley 1855
16.55 Mr Len Glazard the Great Witley telegram delivery man  
17.05 The first telephone is installed at Great Witley post office 1912
17.44 Mr Arthur Moore, Billy Austen and Mr Pratley  
19.15 New houses built by Martley Rural District Council in Stouprot road Great Witley 1928
20.05 Witley Court fire and sale 1937
22..38 School life during WWII and the arrival of Evacuees  
26.30 WRVS arrange for delivery of thirty pairs of wellington boots for Great Witley School children  
27.38 War savings scheme and Wings for Victory Campaign  
28.00 The end of the Second World War and the Scouts Celebration bonfire on Abberley Hill 1945

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