John Gorton

Gorton_John_Feb 2017John Gorton was born in 1943 and has lived in Little Witley since 1978. He has been in farming all his life since studying at Agricultural College in Shropshire. Starting out working with the Ballards at Abberley, over the years he has worked at Wulstan’s Farm, with the Colwills at Dingle Farm and the Harpers at Holt Heath. He had two trips supported by the Young Farmers’ Club to visit Denmark and Jamaica to meet local farmers and to disseminate knowledge on local practice and experience. One of his claims to fame is that when he was in Jamaica in 1963 he met Carole Crawford , Miss Jamaica, who had just been crowned Miss World. John talks about his life in farming.

Johns recording (32 mins 27 secs):

Start Topic Period
00:28 Moving to Little Witley 1970s
01:07 Going into farming after school 1960s
01:21 Young Farmers’ scholarships to Jamaica and Denmark 1960s
02:25 Working at Ballard’s Farm in Abberley : pig farming during Foot & Mouth outbreak 1960s
04:19 Learning to ride and hunting with the Worcester Hunt 1970s
05:19 Working at Wulstan’s Farm 1980s
07:06 Working in horticulture; large scale machine fruit farming 1980s
08:30 Changes in farming during his lifetime 1940s-present
10:30 Memories of growing up in Little Witley 1950s
11:45 Life in Little Witley today Present
12:22 Little Witley in his youth – village shop; post office 1960s
12:53 Miss Harper’s village shop at Rosemary Cottage 19550s
13:45 Lack of crime in Little Witley; neighbourhood watch Present
14:45 Playing games with friends as a child in Little Witley; interest in birdwatching 1950s
17:00 Historic buildings in Little Witley : Rosemary Cottage, Church, School 1940s-present
18:24 Little Witley Church architecture Present
19:01 Witley Court Estate – raising of road levels 1930s
20:01 Workers at Witley Court Estate 1930s
20:47 Present day repair and maintenance programme at Little Witley Church Present
23:03 Social life in Little Witley: past and present 1950s-present
25:04 Harvest Festival and Womens’ Institute Present
25:54 Community spirit in Little Witley: progressive suppers 1970s-present
27:08 Beekeeping in Bulmer’s orchards 1980s-present
30:06 Importance of apple growing in the area 1940s-present

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