Harold Field (known as Jack)

‘Jack’ as he was known, was born Harold Charles Field in 1905. His parents marriage failed when he was quite young and he was adopted by relations Charles and Amelia Gould who lived at Hillside between Martley and Great Witley. He is recorded on the 1911 census as ‘Adopted’ at age 6.

Jack worked with horses for a while at stables in Eckington.

After this, Jack worked as a bus driver for Owens the local bus company.

At this time Jack lived at No 4 Stourport, Road, one of the ‘Homes for Heros’ in Great Witley. He was a friendly chap and liked the Hundred House, where he ran the Thrift Club from the back bar every Saturday night, for 40 or 50 people saving money for Christmas.

Jack had a rather untimely death – it is believed he either fell or was knocked over by a vehicle whilst walking back home from the Hundred House and was found dead in a trench on the side of the road the next morning. He was still clutching the Thrift Club savings bag in his hand. This is described about 16 minutes into a recording by Dorothy & Angela Norton.

Jacks wife Daisy (nee Norton) was the third daughter of George & Eliza Norton who also lived in Great Witley (ref 1901 census when they were aged 42 & 38).

Jack Field, with wife Daisy and in-laws.
Jack Field, with wife Daisy and in-laws.

From left: Jacks wife Daisy Field (nee Norton), Jack Field, Agnes James (nee Field)  William James (Agnes’ husband).


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