Gill Henley

Gill (Gillette) Henley – widow of Brian Henley (sometime ex Chairman of Great Witley Village Hall), mother to Jessica, Jeremy, Tim and Drucilla – all ex pupils of Great Witley Village School.

Gills recording: Henley_Gill_20140412_1_2_A.mp3 (21 mins 52 secs)


Start Topic Period
0:00 Introduction  
0:20 Early days and how she got to Great Witley  
5:30 Children and Great WitleySchool and National Spina Bifida Association 1950’s and on
7:15 Playgroup for Spina Bifida at Abberley Village Hall  
10:00 Family Life  
10:55 History of house  
11:20 Brian’s work, living on the Hill, ashes on the Hill  
14:10 Fundraising for Spina Bifida  
15:30 Village life, Community transport  
21:40 End  

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