Doug Sheward

Doug Sheward aged 72
Doug Sheward aged 72

Doug Sheward was born in 1943 and has lived on ‘Witley Hill’ in Great Witley since 1963, after moving from Upton Snodsbury. His mother and step father (Nell & Bert Page) lived at the Witley Court Stourport Lodge.

Doug remembers Witley Court well before its more recent restoration and in fact his family were offered it for £5,000 in the 1970s by the owners at that time. The building was effectively a ruin, so the family declined the offer!

Bert was also a member of Martley Civil Defence for a time, this organisation existed post the Second World War but has since been disbanded.

Dougs recording:  Sheward_Doug_20140412_1_3_A (6 mins 12 secs)

Start Topic Period
0.20 Coming to Great Witley 1963
1.53 Martley Civil Defence, post war organisation 1960s
2.47 Great Witley life and changes since coming to the village 1963 – 2015
4.18 Witley Court pre restoration was offered for sale to his family. 1970s

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