Dorothy & Angela Norton

Dolly Norton & Angela FairhurstDorothy Norton who was 93 at the time of her interview and her daughter Angela Fairhurst (nee Norton), lived in Great Witley for many years, first at Stourport Road and then in the Glebe.

Both have many and varied memories if their lives in Great Witley and recall some of the Great Witley characters of times gone by.

Dorothy & Angelas recording: Norton_Dorothy&Angela_20141027_1_3_A (43 mins 35 secs)


Start Topic Period
00.20 Living in and around GW 1930s
01.40 Sydney Nortons death and funeral during WW1 1910s
02.25 Village life during WW2 1940s
03.27 Life at Yells Cottages and then the Glebe 1950s
04.47 The Toll House and Hundred House livestock market
05.00 Joe Hill and the travelling stallion visiting the Hundred House. 1940s
05.30 Sheep dipping at the Hundred House market yard 1950s
06.03 Redmarley Hillclimb 1950s
06.39 Parish Church summer only services. Husband Noel in the choir & mint imperials dropped by Noel down to Dorothy 1930s
08.15 Mr Billy Austen 1940s
08.45 Husband away in 8th army for 5 years during WW2 1940s
09.56 Noel in Worcestershire War Ag after WW2 1940s
11.50 Angelas memories of GW school days, school trips and childhood living on the Glebe 1960s
16.00 Arthur Moores coaches 1950/60s
17.45 The Hundred House thrift club. Uncle Jacks fatal accident 1960s
19.10 Uncles Jacks funeral and the grave which was too shallow. PC Tom Dallow overseeing its deepening 1960s
20.10 Horse drawn buses in GW
20.30 Arthur Moores coaches transporting the Hop pickers to Shelsley 1940/50s
21.00 Dorothy – Wartime blackout and mistakenly making coffee using gravy browning 1940s
21.50 GW Home guard and finding live bullets in the garden. 1940s
22.50 Wartime evacuees
24.30 Witley Court lodge and gates
25.00 GW Trades people. Post man who lived in the weigh bridge office
26.03 Ruby Clarks milk round and upsetting the= horse drawn milk float at Dick brook bank
27.27 Angela – School day memories and Mrs Evans the teacher and the needlework lesson. 1960s
28.30 Fire at GW school 1960s
28.20 GW v Abberley school sports day 1960s
29.50 GW School gardening lessons 1960s
30.20 Dorothy GW WI Secretary memories 1960s
34.35 Dorothys brother Cliff Medlicott, his father and a life on the land. 1950/60s
36.30 Angela – memories of school milk deliveries 1960s
37.00 Dorothy memories of dances held at Mrs Bridges cafe the Highways. 1940s
38.30 Great Witley Chapel.
39.30 Lead shot removed from trees in Witley Park.
40.00 The fire at Witley Court and Noel and other choirboys helping remove furniture etc. Later vandalism at the Court 1930s
42.30 Dorothys 93rd birthday and she says ‘all my chairs are still the right way up’ 2015


  1. Mrs Caroline Clark says

    I used to live next door to Angela and her family
    My family were the Baldwin’s
    Mum Floss, Dad John (Arthur ) Ann, Michael, Caroline, and Derek
    We lived at 13 the Glebe.
    When my brother Derek was killed in a motorcycle accident aged just 16
    Mum said we must change the number so she put an A after the 13
    Then later named our house Tower View
    I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family.
    Caroline Clark.

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