Diana Pollock

Diana Pollock moved to Coombe Cottage at the top of The Hill at Great Witley in 1981 when she married Ken. She is a journalist, writer and artist. During her time here she was very active in many facets of village life which she remembers in this recording. Village life benefited from her enthusiasm and valued opinion and throughout the village she has left a legacy of her artistic contributions over the years of which one of the greatest is her village map which records many transient aspects of historical memories from various sources. She now lives in Cheltenham and misses the countryside around Great Witley. Many will remember her with great affection.

Diana’s recordings: Pollock_Diana_20160211_1_2_A (25 mins 16 secs)

A breakdown of the recording is as follows:

Start Topic Period
0:00 Arrival in Great Witley in 1981, children born, pre-school 1981 – 1986
4:30 Village Hall, May Fair 1986 –
7:70 Association with Great Witley School / School Governor / Chantry Governor 1990 –
10:30 Quartergreen 1994 –
11:30 As Parish Councillor, Bowens Field 1995 – 2000
13:50 Christmas Concerts, Millenium Photograph 2002
16:00 Parish Map, Doug Bowen 2006-
18:00 Clearing Witley hillside garden, garden memories
21:30 Changing village and other memories, bluebells on Witley Hill

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