David Williams

David grew up in the Glebe at Great Witley in the 1950s and 60’s and has many recollections of life in the village during his formative years. He is also a member of the Witleys Oral History group.



Davids four recordings:

A list of topics mentioned in each recording is shown below with approximate start time (minutes.seconds) into the recording:

Living on the Glebe in the 1950s & 60s: Williams_David_20140410_1_2_A.mp3 (7 mins 52 secs)

Start Topic Period
0.00 Introduction 1950s
0.10 Building of The Glebe at Great Witley. 1950s
0.43 Moving to the No 7 on the Glebe & the residents
5.00 The Glebe water supply off the hill & the sewage
5.28 Playing on the Glebe
6.39 Later development of the Glebe, and the houses
7.28 Easter Monday tradition – digging the garden

Great Witley School in the 1960s: Williams_David_20140410_1_2_A.mp3 (8 mins 51 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.13 Memories of Great Witley School GW 1960s
00.36 Teachers and classes
00.19 School milk and school meals
02.06 Coke stoves for heating
02.46 Landscaping of the school playing field
03.30 School sports day
04.40 Rev Lockwoods weekly visit to school and the fire at the school
06.30 Head teacher Mr Frank Wyton and cricket matches
07.30 Mr Evans basic gardening lessons
07.55 Flag Pole at front of school
08.30 Mr Lane Blacksmith making the weather vane for the school

Transport – local buses in the 1960s:Williams_David_20140214_1_2_A.mp3 (3 mins 42 secs)

Start Topic Period
00.03 Public transport in 1960s Midland Red and Yarrantons
00.30 Weekly bus trip to Worcester
02.50 First trip to Stourport on Motor bike

The Hundred House, Weighbridge, Livestock Auctions, the Police station and Surgery in the 1960’s: Williams_David_20140410_1_2_A.mp3 (6 mins 26 secs)

Start Topic Period
0.00 Introduction
0.09 Venturing further than his house on the Glebe. 1960s
0.35 Going to the livestock auction with grandfather at the Hundred House. The auctions were re run by Nock & Joseland 1960s
1.14 The public weighbridge next to the Hundred House. Money was collected first by the Hundred House, then the Pyatt family. 1960s
1.56 Dicky Henderson ex racing driver who ran the Hundred House, and the racing cars there after Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb 1960s
3.11 The new police station being built, the first sergeant Tony Boughton, constables PC Tom Dallow & PC Thompson and their means of transport. 1960s
3.54 The old surgery run by Dr Johnson, Mrs O’Malley the dispenser and how the prescriptions were left outside for locals to collect. 1960s
5.09 The original old Great Witley filling station selling ‘Regent’ petrol before the new station was built on the same site. It was owned by Arthur Moore, and petrol was served by Mr Baldwin who had a peg leg. 1960s
5.35 Judy Henshaw adds some comments about Mrs O’Malley being the daughter in-law of Mr Pointon who was head gardener at Abberley Hall, and how the Pyatts ran the weighbridge after the Hundred House, and David remembers the ‘back bar’ at the Hundred House for agricultural workers. 1960s

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