Barbara Simmons

Simmons_Barbara_2017Barbara Simmons was born in Little Witley in 1935 and grew up in Winnall Cottage where her parents, grandparents and great grandparents had lived. Her grandfather, Tom Jones had been a gamekeeper at Witley Court.

Tom Jones & family in 1914. Tom was gamekeeper to the Dudley family at Witley Court in Worcestershire.

She left there when she married and moved with her new husband, Ken, to a new council bungalow in Well Lane. There they had a son and stayed until Barbara was 60 years of age when she moved to Bromyard to be nearer her aging mother.

Signed photo to Tom Jones who was gamekeeper to the Dudley family at Witley Court, Worcestershire in 1914. Robert Arthur Ward (1871-1942) & his son Julian Humble Dudley Ward (1908-1971) are pictured and have signed the photo.

Barbara tells about life growing up in Little Witley, her education in Great Witley and Worcester, the old Little Witley shop run by Miss Harper, Sunday School at the Church, the courtship between her and Ken and her various jobs in a hairdresser at Holt Heath, Worth’s Carpets in Kidderminster, a shop in Worcester and the post office in Little Witley.

Barbaras recording (35 mins 20 secs):

Start Topic Period
00:15 Birth of Barbara Simmons 1935
00:37 Living at Winnall’s Cottage, Little Witley 1930s-50s
01:50 School at Little Witley and falling ill 1940s
03:05 Going to school at Great Witley 1940s
03:35 Going to Christopher Whitehead School in Worcester 1950s
05: 00 Parents sell Winnall’s Cottage and build a bungalow in the grounds 1960s
05:20 Growing up and playing with friends in Little Witley 1940s
06:13 Activities at Little Witley village club 1940s
06:25 Going to Little Witley Church/Sunday School 1940s
07:40 Life at Christopher Whitehead School, Worcester 1940s
08:59 Work after leaving school 1950s
10:37 Leisure activities after leaving school: Dances; whist drives 1950s
11:30 Travelling to dances in other villages 1950s
12:35 Working in Rayner’s clothes shop, Worcester 1950s
13:48 Miss Harper’s shop in Little Witley 1940s
17:10 Courting and marriage 1950s
22:35 Moving to a new bungalow in Little Witley on marrying 1950s
24:35 Working life of her husband (Richard Thomas Baldwin; Parson’s Chain) 1950s/60s
27:10 Working at Worth’s Carpets in Kidderminster when newly married 1950s
29:40 Getting a new puppy 1950s
31:10 Working at Little Witley Post Office and Stores 1960s
34:55 Working at a hairdressing salon in Holt Heath 1970s

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