Anne Birkmyre

Anne Birkmyle aged 12 competing in the City of Birmingham Show on 'Nipper' in 1947
Anne Birkmyle aged 12 competing in the City of Birmingham Show on ‘Nipper’ in 1947

Anne moved to Camp Lane in Great Witley aged 16 in 1951. Whilst there she met her husband Nick who lived nearby, and they have lived in the area ever since. Anne has had a lifelong love of horses, and competed in some major events. In this picture she tied for 1st place against Pat Smythe but was given the cup anyway in appreciation of her achievement at such a young age.

Both Anne and Nick have had a close association with the local church for many years.


Annes recording: Birkmyre_Anne_20141025_1_2_A.mp3 (22 mins 11 secs)

Start Topic Period
0.00 Introduction.
0.40 Earliest memories in Halesowen. 1935-39
2.25 War memories – father leaving for army and moving to Grannies in North Wales, German plane crash and mine explosion. 1939-45
4.50 Moving back to Halesowen after the war and father coming home safely. 1945
6.00 Moving with family to Camp Farm, at Great Witley aged 16. 1951/2
9.00 Meeting Nick – husband to be when he moved to Shelsley Beauchamp. 1950s
10.30 ‘Premium Stallions’ used for stud around the villages 1950s
12.55 Annes interest in horses and taking part in racing
14.30 Family competitive involvement in skiing and cycling.
15.35 First years of marriage with Nick, living on Witley Hill, and move to Structons Heath. 1964/5
17.50 The childrens schooling
18.45 How Anne & Nick became involved with the church
20.50 More about horses in the family, and racing up Camp Hill on horseback against Nick sprinting on foot.
21.40 Hunting and Point to Points.
22.11 End

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