Adrian Symonds

Symonds_AdrianAdrian has returned to Great Witley from Worcester with his wife and son, going back to his family house. He spent all his childhood in the village, and was educated at both the village school and the Chantry High School at Martley (1988-93)

His grandfather migrated from farming in Shropshire to farming at Camp Farm Great Witley. He has always been interested in history and talks eloquently about his love of the village and earliest memories. He has recently joined the Parish Council.

In his second and shorter recording Adrian talks about the stand off between Owain Glyndwr (on Woodbury Hill) & Henry IV (on Abberley Hill) in 1405.

Adrians first recording about his life in the village (25 mins 3 secs ):

Start  Topic Period
0.00 The Family connection to Great Witley and his grandparents move to the village. 1944
3.45 Family history particularly his father’s memories describing Woodbury View, the previous occupants, the Owen Brothers and their relationship with the Moore Family. Symonds finally buy Woodbury View. 1946-1954
5.30 Adrian’s memories of visiting Camp Farm. Reasons for moving – Grandfather gives up farming. 1954 -1958
7.15 Description his Father’ Memories of local businesses at the end of the village around the Bromyard Road It includes the, Sawmill, Domino Factory and the Hundred House, Stables and the Weighbridge.

Father starts his business as an electrician from the Woodbury View.



Adrian moves in as a child with his family to Woodbury View and talks of his earliest memories to include Pyatt’s Bakery and Moore’s garage and Iris and Stan Baldwin. 1976 -2000
11.00 Memories of going to Great Witley school the Heads, school dinners and school playground. 1981-1988
12.30 Top Gear is filmed in Great Witley produced by Ken Pollock. Filming in Great Witley school car park.
13.15 Memories of going to the Doctors Surgery, now Fountain Court.
14.00 Visiting Frank an Italian Prisoner of War with Grandad.


14.15 Further Memories: Home Farm a moated building and owner Burt Blything local character and farmer.

Getting Lost at Home Farm

Playing Farms

Obsession with Flying and Joining RAF -1996



16.00 Fruit picking at the Goodman’s in the Summer

Adrian remembers his Mum and birth of his sister

17.45 Returns to the Village with his family 2010
18.30 Joining the Parish Council and his love of the village 2016
19.10 Memories of Witley Court before it was taken over by English Heritage and English Heritage’s renovation of Witley Court.

Adrian ends his memories by talking about baling hay and compares his youth with his son’s. He discusses the future of the village.


Adrians recording about Owain Glyndwr  & Henry IV on the Woodbury & Abberley Hills (3 mins 45 secs):


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