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Abberley Clock Tower

Merritts Hill, WR6 6DD

This imposing clock tower situated high above and just outside the western edge of Great Witley is, strictly speaking, outside the parish of Great Witley & Hillhampton. However its location and history means it is one of the best known landmarks for local residents.

Abberley Hill

Great Witley

Abberley Hill dominates the northern side of Great Witley.

Bank Farm

Bank Road, Little Witley

Bowens Field

Stourport Road, Great Witley WR6 6JP, United Kingdom

Bowens Field was developed in 2010 as a recreational area for the village residents.

Butts Farm

Bank Road, Little Witley

Chapel Farm

Bank Road, Little Witley

Eastgrove Cottage

Sankyns Green

Award winning cottage garden.

Engine House

Great Witley

In the heyday of Witley Court the building housed a steam driven beam engine which pumped water from the Hundred Pool to a reservoir higher up in Witley Court Park

Estate Worker Cottages

Worcester Road, Great Witley, WR6 6HU

Two pairs of Grade 11 listed cottages built circa 1888 for workers at Witley Court

Great Witley Chapel

Worcester Road, Great Witley

The Chapel closed for religious service in 1977 and building is now used as the HQ for Abberley and Great Witley Scouts & Guides

Great Witley Filling Station

Worcester Road, Great Witley

Great Witley Post Office

Worcester Road, Great Witley

Great Witley School

Worcester Road, Great Witley

Great Witley C.E School for primary children.

Great Witley Village Hall

Worcester Road, Great Witley

Hill House Farm

Stourport Road, Great Witley

Hillhampton House

Worcester Road, Hillhampton

A grade II* listed Jacobean property originally built in the 17th century.

Home Farm

Great Witley

Little Witley Church (St Michaels)

Church lane, Little Witley


Stourport Road, Great Witley

The area known as Redmarley can be found on the north eastern edge of Great Witley.

Snuffy Row

Structons Heath, Great Witley, WR6 6JA

These four houses at Structons Heath are known as Snuffy Row

The Glebe

Stourport Road, Great Witley

The Glebe is a post war rural council housing development.

The Hundred House

Worcester Rd, Great Witley

The Old Bakery

Stanford Road, Great Witley

The Old Toll House

Worcester Road, Great Witley

The Toll House has now been demolished.

The Quartergreen

Worcester Road, Great Witley, United Kingdom

The Quartergreen Sports Project and Children’s Play Area were made possible through a gift of land behind the Great Witley Village Hall from Mr Tom Quarterman and his family in the 1980's.

The Rock

Structons Heath, Great Witley, WR6 6JA

Upper House Farm

Bank Lane, Little Witley

No longer exists, but believed to be next to Bank Farm, Little Witley

Wallsgrove Lane

Great Witley

Walsgrove Farm

Walsgrove Lane, Great Witley

Walsgrove Farm is named after the hill on whose slope it lies.

Well Farm

Well Lane, Little Witley

White House Farm

Bank Lane, Little Witley

Previously Little Witley Farm, including Walls & Rose Cottage Farms

Witley Court

Worcester Road, Great Witley

Now ruined, the Court once rivalled the great palaces in grandeur.

Woodbury Farm

Bank Lane, Little Witley

Woodbury Hill

Great Witley

Woodbury Hill was the site of a fortified camp as long ago as the Bronze Age.



  1. Cathy O'Donnell says

    I am trying to find out what this local sign is referring to: Motor Accident Shelsley January 1906. Any information gratefully received. Thank you.

    • admin says

      Hi Cathy, Do you mean the sign a little way off the roadside on the right of the Bromyard Road as you go down the bank on towards Stanford Bridge? We do not have any info but will ask a few contacts to see if we can find out.

      • admin says

        One of our local contacts had this information to add:
        ‘The sign is located at the side of the road on a bank known locally as the Sturt. My Gran used to talk of this and say it related to the first fatal motor accident in Worcestershire involving a car running away down the Sturt. What truth there is to this I don’t know. For many years Mr Sid Pugh and his son used to paint it up from time to time. They lived just across the field at a place known as Birds Green but are long gone’.

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