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This pages gives a quick list of updates to the website so you can see whats been added since your last visit!

Additions are no longer being regular made, as the project has largely conclude, although minor additions or edits may be made from time to time if new material comes to light.

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  1. Walter Cartwright says

    More info from Canada
    I have in my possession a wonderful booklet by Mr Bill Pardoe isbn 0 948626 20 8. Very well documented and put together. I am sure you have this in your archives. Next time I write I will tell you about the late Robert Pyatt and his local shop. Known as Robin to those who knew him, it was his shop in Great witley , Mr Charles Morris and myself built a covered walk way between the shop and his dwelling , this again back in the late 1960 earley 70s
    Enjoying your web site very much well done to all involved

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