Visit to WW1 & WW2 exhibition

Members of the group were kindly invited to see Mr & Mrs Hancocks World War 1 and 2 exhibition at Rowley Farm today.

The collection of memorabilia has been built up of many years and so interesting that several of the group were still there three hours later – there was just so much to see.

Exhibit at Country Fayre

We were pleased to be able to support the Great Witley Country Fayre on 16th June 2014.

We provided a number of large laminated local history photographs which were displayed along the pathway between Bowens Field and the Village Hall and these generated a great deal of interest.

We also provided two  rolling videos, including a talk on local forestry by Bede Howell and a potted history of Great Witley by Judy Henshaw. These were on show all day in the school building.



Open Day at Little Witley

On 12th April 2014 the group held our first open day, at Little Witley Village Hall. Local residents provided a range of photographs and printed media for display and visitors were able to get a taste of what the project is all about and spread the word.

Volunteers Trained

In February 2014 Justin Hughes from The Hive at Worcester conducted four half day training sessions at Little Witley Village Hall to show eighteen volunteers how to conduct interviews using our new digital recorders.

Apart from the technical aspects of working the recorders, the volunteers learnt how to guide interviewees through the interview session, and other aspects such as making sure the interviewees have an opportunity to listen to and approve the recordings before they are released to the public.