We are very grateful for all the photos, documents, media and support that have been provided to us by local people and others. We have published the content in good faith, but if you believe any items should not be shown on this website do Contact Us.

We would like to acknowledge items provided by the following people:

Great Witley Parish Council

The council supported us financially at the outset of the project and have continued to promote and support us in the community since then.

Great Witley Village Hall Committee

The Committee have kindly supported us in arranging open days and publicity events.

Mrs Beryl Eggert

Beryl has kindly made available to us her work on identifying field names in the parish of Great Witley. She has also provided us with two early and rare ordinance survey maps, one of which is now displayed in the Great Witley village hall and the other was lodged with the Dudley archive which is held in the Dudley record office. Both maps were scanned and are now available on this website in the maps section.

Hancock family

The family have provided historic information on several farms in Little Witley, as well as their own recordings made in 1977 of Ben Cooper, Ben Hinton and Bill Lewis.

Diana Winsor

For allowing us to digitise and use the Great Witley & Hillhampton Millennium photograph which she inspired.

Rod Sproat

Rod is a keen local researcher and has provided a detailed drawing of Little Witley Tithe Map from 1839 showing all the local field names at the time.  He has also provided details regarding the occupants over time of a number of places in Little Witley.

Little Witley Community Organisations

We are grateful to Little Witley parish council for promoting our community project. Here are some links to their websites Parish CouncilVillage Hall / Film Society / Film Society Blog


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